Orthodontic Services

Have you been dreaming of having perfect teeth but did not want to commit to metal braces? What if there was an option for you to straighten your teeth in 6 months to a year (longer in some rare cases) without anyone knowing? Wouldn’t that be an amazing option? Invisalign Toronto Dentist Dr. David Bernstein can help you straighten your teeth with plastic aligners that are virtually invisible. Invisalign® is an advanced technology for straightening crooked teeth. The benefits of Invisalign® over traditional braces are the aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating and dental hygiene. A series of custom-made aligners are created for you, which you change every two weeks and your teeth will move towards the smile you’ve always wanted. It is pretty unbelieveable how custom the Invisalign treatment is making it different for every individual. Once you have a free consultation at Invisalign Toronto - Dr. Bernstein Dental’s office you will then have a series of impressions of your teeth taken. Dr. Bernstein using 3D computer imaging and technology creates your treatment plan. Once that is done your series of personal aligners are made and they are then shipped to the office where you will be fitted for the aligners. At this time, Dr. Bernstein may have to add buttons or anchors to some of your teeth. This will help the teeth move the way they are required to create your beautiful smile. You then are sent home with a set of aligners and we will schedule a visit for you to return in 6 weeks, to see how the treatment is coming along and for you to get a new set of aligners for the next six weeks.