How many of you have a missing tooth and do not know what to do? There are many options out there, but how do you know which one is the best for you? Dr. David Bernstein is a Toronto Dentist that has a one-stop-shop solution for Dental Implants North York. His team has been extensively trained by leading dental implant specialists in all aspects of dental implants (both surgical dental implants and restorative dental implants). Our patients don’t have to be referred elsewhere to receive the surgical or restorative dental implant treatment necessary. Dental Implants North York office allows you to have the entire treatment done on site. This will save you the hassle of scheduling many different Doctor’s offices and you will comfortable knowing that we can give you the best care by fully understand your history, preferences and needs. What is an Dental Implant? A tooth has two parts – the crown and the root. Dental implants replace missing teeth and are based on the design of the missing tooth. Treatment often has two main parts - the dental restoration that is custom made to match the actual shape of the tooth crown and the implant that replaces the function of the natural root. It often takes approximately 3-6 months for your bone to attach and integrate to the root implant and during this time a temporary crown will be placed for function and aesthetic. Many of our patients enjoy the natural appearance, and comfort of dental implants. Patients with loose dentures are happy to be able to eat, speak and laugh with comfort and confidence. Right here at our beautiful state of the art facility, we’ll take digital panoramic x-rays so we can fully discuss with you all your treatment options.