Latex Free Dentistry

Our Toronto Dental office is a haven for those with sensitivity to Latex. Dr. Bernstein, driven by personal experience, has spent a vast amount of time researching and understanding Latex Allergy. He is proud to have a Latex-Free dental practice. Dr. David Bernstein consulted with Dr. Gordon Sussman, a specialist of Latex Allergy, together they thoroughly inspect his Toronto dental practice to find safe substitutes for all latex sources. With confidence we can say that our Toronto dentist facility does not have any latex gloves or use any other materials which are know to have latex in them. ”Unfortunately, some manufacturers would not guarantee that their products were never handled with latex gloves. The result is that we now have treated many patients who are sensitive to latex, who were either unable to or uncomfortable with receiving dental care elsewhere. All patients who come to our office always receive full follow-up care phone calls and have not had any symptoms or any difficulties whatsoever due to their latex allergy...including my own latex allergic daughter.” Dr. David Bernstein - Toronto Dentist and owner of Dr.Bernstein Dental